Seoul Food & Hotel 2023
30 May – 2 June 2023, kintex

Wine programs for 2022 will be updated soon
2022년 와인 프로그램은 추후 업데이트될 예정입니다.

Wine Tasting Pavilion 2019

Seoul Food & Hotel provides B2B matching platform between international wineries and Korean wine experts
Seoul Food & Hotel은 해외 와인 생산자와 국내 와인 바이어간 비즈니스 매치메이킹을 제공합니다.
아직 국내에 수입되지 않은 와인을 시음해보고 비즈니스 기회를 찾으세요!

  • What is Wine Tasting Pavilion?
    New Pavilion dedicated for Wine! All wine experts including importers, distributors, retailers, hotel & restaurant would gather to discover new wines.
  • For Whom?
    For the wineries and wine producers with labels that have not been introduced to the Korean market

What are the Benefits?

  • Pre-show
    • Find and invite wine experts with high potential of buying power to the show
    • Pre-show promotion with Korea's most influential wine media
  • On-site
    • Expose your labels with all details that you provide
    • Introduce your brands and labels to Korean buyers and wine experts
  • Post-show
    • Follow up and receive feedback from the buyers and experts
    • Do post-show promotion

Wine Seminar 2019

Seoul Food & Hotel incorporates a day of Informative seminar, lead by the Korea Wine Assosciation.
한국와인협회에서 진행하는 와인 세미나를 소개합니다.

Date 날짜 2019. 5. 23.
Venue 장소 KINTEX 1 Seminar room No.206
Attendee대상 와인에 관심 있는 누구나
  • 14:00 - 14:40
    • 와인상식과 에티켓 / Common Knowledge and Etiquette of Wine
    • 전상헌 (한국와인협회 교육연구분과위원)
  • 14:40 - 15:20
    • 007 와인 / 007 Wines
    • 김준철 (한국와인협회 회장)
  • 15:20
    • 와인 시음회 / Wine Tasting

* 동 세미나는 한국어로만 진행됩니다. This seminar is conducted in Korean only.